Is a Water Softener for Shower Worth the Money?

One of the common water problems, Hard Water, is being rightly dealt these days. This is made possible with the invention of water softeners. They help in reducing the hard minerals in the water and replace them with the sodium or potassium ions.

There are two ways in which you can benefit from it – either by installing softener for a particular plumbing unit or get the Whole House Water Softener for your home.

Is a Water Softener for Shower Worth the Money?

Water Softener for Shower Worth the Money

Hard water comes with many problems, where one issue generates some other issue.

We are aware of the fact that such kind of water is safe for drinking purpose, and does not cause any health problem. But it is found that hard water damages the skin and hair texture drastically.

The water simply leaves some amount of minerals on whichever surface it is passed through. If you are using showerheads, then you can get one Water Softener for it.

It does the same work as an ordinary softener, just that it is designed specifically for the Shower Heads only.

Within some days usage, you will find improvement in the skin and hair condition. But is it all worth the investment? We will find out.

Working Explained 

We genuinely feel that these shower head softeners arrive at a decent price considering the working.

Water Softeners for the shower heads come in the form of a showerhead. These softeners have inbuilt water filters too which are replaceable ones. So, you can purchase one softener component, and get the filters replaced as per the need.

Filters make use of activated carbon for the filtering work or any other element for easy filtering through the water supply. This helps in filtering out the minerals thus keeping your hair and skin healthy. It also helps in keeping shower head free from mineral buildup.

This is how a shower softener does it’s work, providing you with ‘n’ number of benefits.

Are the Water Softeners for Shower costly? 

This type of softener is not much costly as you may imagine. You can find many quality shower softener at a cost less than $100. Here the only cost incurred is for the filter replacements. Just make sure that you replace them time to time, as they mainly work in handling the water minerals.

The filter cartridge lasts for a period of 3 to 6 months. If you have got many water showers at home, then installing softeners for each of them still remains a feasible option. The only maintenance expense is relating to the inbuilt filters.

There is no comparison between a Shower Softener and a Whole House Softener system! 

Shower Softener and a Whole House

Comparing both the whole house softener and a Shower Softener is completely pointless.

How can one compare the unit used for just a shower head and another unit which can work for all plumbing!

By installing one shower head softener doesn’t resolve all your hard water issues. If you wish to get a single solution for all the faucets, then you can go for the Whole House Softening setup.

Shower Head softener only deals with the Shower Heads and provides other related benefits.

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