How to Train a Cat to Use a Litter Box

You have brought a new Kitty at home, so it is your duty to check on all the necessary things needed for it. Made a new house, bought cat food, and even clothes! But amidst all this, you are forgetting one essential product, and that is Litter Box.

Well, you may find it less important, but it is something which is equally vital like other cat basics. Keeping your home as well as surrounding clean is a must for healthy you and pet! This is made possible using a Litter Box only.

How to Train a Cat to Use a Litter Box

You have made up your mind to buy a Litter Box and got one too. Getting started with it is not as easy as it may seem to you. By the end of the article, you will surely be aware of all the Training tips.

How to Train a Cat to Use a Litter Box

While many of you will ask the question, whether a Litter Box is compulsory or not? The answer is no. Still, it will help in keeping your home clean as well as incorporate good litter habits in your cat. In any manner, these boxes haven’t done any harm to anyone yet. So why not give a try?

Some Litter Box Basics

Do not expect your cat to use a Litter Box which is not cleaned regularly. The cat will not ever prefer using the box if the litter smells of urine. Just for example, when your cat litters on your carpet or floor, what do you do? You will clean the place asap.

Thus, the cat will always feel to do the litter in clean place only. Therefore, maintain cleanliness within the litter box if you wish them to litter within the box only. Cleaning must be done at least once in a week. Also, rinse the litter box with water.

For reducing the odor, you can add vinegar or lime juice. Strictly avoid the use of ammonia – this will worsen the smell.

Place the Litter Box at the right Location

Cats prefer quiet and silent places while they do the litter business. So avoid placing the box in loud surroundings, and also place where there is a frequent movement of the people. Keep the litter box away from all kinds of buzzing units for example; washing machine.

Make sure that your kitty is not disturbed or threatened by any other pet like a dog or another cat. This will badly affect the litter usage, and chances are they will litter outside the box.

This is even harmful to the dog too, as they might get ill on consumption of any cat litter. So you need to keep a close check on all the elements which bothers your cat during the litter use.

Do's and Don'ts during Litter Box Training

Some Do’s and Don’ts during Litter Box Training

One of the most important Do is to maintain the Litter Box clean. If your cat has pooped inside the litter, clean it the same day. Wash with water and soap at least once in a week. You should go through reviews on luuup litter box as they are the bests. Cats are very particular about using fresh litter only, so do not underestimate them in this case.

Do not make use of perfume and cover up the Cat’s litter smell. This will work as a strong repellent.

The final point to note is to search for a litter type which is liked by your cat. This is the toughest job, but don’t lose your hope and keep the search on. After many trial and error, you will find the right one for your kitty. You can consider buying Litter-Robot III Open Air automatic self-cleaning litter box, which is popular and best for your cats.

Don’t forget to reward your Kitty

It is important to know your kitty’s litter time. Because only then you will be able to award your cat for using the litter box. There are some cats which urinate after they wake up, while some urinate just after having food. So you have to set the timings and remember your cat’s schedule.

If you feed your cat at regular time interval, then they will do the business at the regular time only. Call your kitty for a play session, feed them after a while. Then again call in for a play session, during this time make sure that you carry your kitty in the places which have litter box around.

This will give your kitty an idea that it is the time to do the litter work.

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