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Best Kettler Outdoor Ping Pong Table Review 2018

Outdoor games remain the best, and it will be a favorite for all sports lovers. Outdoor Ping Pong matches on a Saturday evening with your close buddies, indeed will be so memorable. Ah! Don’t forget the hot and crisp barbecue feast after the match.

Kettler is a German-based company, and they produce many sports equipment including riding toys, bicycles, ping pong tables, etc. It was found in the year 1949 by Heinz Kettler. They produce weather-proof tennis tables and are also manufacturing for the Olympic games too. This brand is providing goods by the name of ‘Atlanta.’

Best Kettler Outdoor Ping Pong Table Review

We gave you a brief about the Kettler brand and their line of production. Considering all the Kettler units, we found the Kettler Top Star XL Indoor/Outdoor. We will understand the product in depth, and list out the Specifications, Features, and other related concepts.

Best Kettler Outdoor Ping Pong Table

This Kettler table is weatherproof, and so you don’t have to worry about the changing weather. Kettler is also known for making professional ping pong table. Also, the bounce feature remains another highlight of this ping pong table. It comes with a good ratio of price and performance.


  • The Top of the Ping Pong Table is smooth and comes with a True Bounce quality.
  • You will find a compact storage, and they have made use of the Space Saver technology.
  • There is one DLS (Dual Lock Safety) method which prevents all the accidental opening and closing of the table.


Setting up a ping pong table in real is time-consuming, and this holds true for almost all the units. And you will find this assembling work a bit annoying too. So it is better to call up your sports buddy and get this table set at your place.

Even though some users have mentioned some issue with the ping pong table installation, we didn’t face it personally. Follow the instructions carefully, and get the assembling done step-by-step.

It is quite impossible to install the table on your own; some assistance will do good. You can find online sources too for the installation purpose.


There is a dual wheel caster which are both 5 and a half inches; these make the mobility easy. You can transform the shape of the table quickly from the playing mode to the playback mode.

In the playing mode, two players can play a real match on the ping pong table. Whereas during the playback mode, you can set up one-half of the table surface in a vertical position. Then carry on practicing on your own.

If you want to store the table away for a long period, then you can fold it up and store it compactly. So these are the different storage options you have got with this Kettler Top Star XL.


We had this unit for a long time now; it has passed five years mark now. Worthy enough!

This table is easy with the setup procedure. Though some users have mentioned that it does take time, still you just have to follow the instructions and go with it. Table Tennis has Excellent built quality!


Installation is a bit time consuming, and the poorly written instructions add to this matter. Well, this is based on the user reports found on Amazon. In such cases, it is recommended to hire a professional and get the table set up for you.

Another point to note is, this table has missed the leg levelers. So people who wish to have this may be disappointed since it is devoid of the levelers.

This was our review for the Best Kettler Outdoor Ping Pong Table, and we hope you found it helpful. If you liked our style of writing, then show us some support on our page Selfie Turkey.