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10 Facts About Food and Nutrition in India

Is there any person who doesn’t love food? One hundred percent – no one. We all love food, sometimes a little more when you are served with your favorite meal.

In this post, we shall be sharing some happy and sad facts about Indian Food and Nutrition.

Facts About the Indian Food

Interesting Facts About the Indian Food That You Should Know

Although India ranks second as the most populous country, it’s still home to about a quarter of the world’s undernourished people. Things are improving, hunger rates have been dropping in the past years.

The facts are given below-

1. Hunger rate has been decreasing moderately since 1990.

2. Almost 39% of the children aged under 5 are stunted.

3. India is called as the Land of Spices. There is no other country which produces so many varieties of spices, like India. 

4. Before the Portuguese introduced us to refined sugar, Indians used the fruits and honey for the sweetening purpose.

5. The Nutrition Mission, by the Maharashtra government, has significantly reduced the stunting rates. Five other states have also joined in to follow the same model.  

6. Cases of obesity and diabetes increased during the period of 2010-2014. As of now, almost 10% of the adults have diabetes, and 5% of them are obese. 

7. Here, pepper is known as the king of all spices. You can mix it with almost anything, and make the dish more awesome. 

8. The first Indian restaurant in the United States of America was launched during the 1960s. Currently, America boasts about 5000 Indian food outlets. 

9. As per the Indian Food Theory, the foods have 6 different flavors – salty, bitter, sour, sweet, astringent and spicy to the core. 

10. Just like the sweet people of India, no occasion or ceremony is complete without serving something sweet. Payasam, the most favorite sweet dish served in South India remains a must-try for all sweet-lovers. 

Interesting right? If you have visited India, how were your food experiences there? Did you like it or not? Comment your answers below and let us know.